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Rechargeable Clip-on Fan with Night Light

Rechargeable Clip-on Fan with Night Light


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Keeping you feel cool and refresh at the comfort of your home with Firefly Rechargeable Fan.

Features 1. Three fan speeds and three lamp modes that suit every mood of choice
2. Longer battery discharge rate for longer operation
3. Fast charging
4. Can be charged anywhere using your power bank, car chargers and charger adaptors
5. Safe to use withsystem overcharge and over discharge protection
6. Fire hazard free batteries, equipped with all protection accessories (PTC,CID and PRV)
7. Two in one function with fan and lamp modes
8. Equipped with a micro USB charging port
9. Brushless DC motor, longer life span and quiet operation
10. Charging and full charge indicators
11. Fan can be tilted up to 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions and may function as a desk fan/lamp
12. Charging time: 8 hours
13. Usage duration: 9 hours - low speed fan / 6 hours - mis speed fan / 2.5 hours high speed fan / 100 hours low
FEL811 - Technical Specifications
Battery Rating/ Type 3.7V 1800mAh
Voltage 5V DC
Rated Power 6W
Dimension 154 X 105 X 199mm
Color White
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