FELCO was established in 2001 to engage in the marketing and sale of various lighting and electrical products in the Philippines, aiming to provide cost-effective, quality solutions to customers with any kind of electrical or lighting requirement.



Over the years, FELCO has expanded its product lines to now consist of a wide range of lighting and electrical solutions through the brand names of Firefly, Ecolum, Royu, Chint and Schneider Electric.


To better serve our customers and make our products easily available, we expanded our reach with distribution hubs located in major cities. We also partnered with trusted stores and professional accounts in bringing safe and quality products to every Filipino home.

With its Customers at heart, FELCO is constantly evolving, and is on the look-out for market opportunities aligned with its mission, vision and core values.


FELCO products go through rigorous testing procedures and conform to the highest local and international standards. That is why everytime you buy a FELCO product, you are assured that you get the best value for your money.