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Firefly Smart Solutions LED Bulb 15W (RGB + CCT + DIMMING)

Firefly Smart Solutions LED Bulb 15W (RGB + CCT + DIMMING)


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Firefly Smart Solutions Smart LED Bulb is the newest and the first smart lighting device by Firefly, your trusted lighting brand. Experience security, efficiency and convenience with this easy to install, connect and control smart lighting device. Poweredby TUYA Smart App, you can simply manage your smart lighting device anytime, anywhere at the touch of your fingers. Grab your Firefly Smart Solutions LED Bulb and enjoy A TOUCH OF QUALITY LIVING.

FSB115RCD - Technical Specifications
Wattage 15 Watts
Voltage 100v - 240v
Lumens 1500Lm
Color Temperature 3000K -6500k , Color Changing (RGB) up t 16 million colors
Life Hours 20,000 hours
Dimension 75 x 141.5 mm
Base E27
Required Connection WIFI 2.4Ghz Router (will not work on 5 Ghz or 5G)
Lamp Features: 1. Dimmable
2. Adjustable Color Temperature from 3000k to 65000k
3. Color Changing (RGB) up t 16 million colors
4. High CRI>/ 85
5. No Photobiological Hazard
6. No Flicker
7. Wide Voltage Range: 100-240V
8. Made from polycarbonateplastic material which makes it flame retardant
Control Features: 1. Remote Access Control - Control your Smart LED Bulb anytime, anywhere with your mobile using the TUYA SMART app
2. Adjusttable Color Temp/ RGB - Choose from a range : Warm, Cool white to Daylight or RGB (up to 16 million colors)
3. Dimming - Has adimming range from 1% to 100% that you can choose from
4. Preset Scenes - Create the right mood with your space by selecting from the four (4) preset scenes or customized your own
5. Schedule & Timer Function - Schedule your SmartLED Bulb to turnon and off on their own or set time before the application automatically turns OFF
6. Plan Mode - Manage you sleeping & waking up sequence according to your customized light preference
7. Voice Control - Use voice command as TUYA Smart App works with Google, Alexa and Siri
8. Group Control - Group multiple Smart LED Bulbs & control
Important Reminders: 1. Read the manual (that comes with the product) and safety instructions before installation
2. Install anduse the product strictly according to instructions
3. For enhanced safety, it is highly recommended to turn off the breaker intended for lighting before performing lamp replacement
4. For indoor use only
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