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Firefly Smart Solutions Smart Plug

Firefly Smart Solutions Smart Plug


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Transform your ordinary appliances instantly to smart appliances with Firefly Smart Solutions Smart Plug Firefly Smart Solutions Smart Plug is the newest addition in Firefly’s smart devices. Experience efficiency and convenience with this easy to install, connect and control smart plug. Powered by TUYA Smart App, you can simply manage your appliances anytime, anywhere at the touchof your fingers. Grab your Firefly Smart Solutions Smart Plug and enjoy A TOUCH OF QUALITY LIVING.

FSP101 - Technical Specifications
Maximum Current 10A
Maximum Load 2000W
Wide Voltage Range 100-240V
Standby Power <0.5W
Required Connection WIFI 2.4Ghz Router (will not work on 5 Ghz or 5G)
Pllug Features: 1. 3 Prong Plug
2. Has Overload Protection
3. Maximum Current: 10A
4. Maximum Load: 2000W
5. Wide VoltageRange: 100-240V
6. Standby Power: <0.5W
7. NTC Certified
8. Functions as an adapter
Control Features: 1. Remoste Access Contorl - Control your Smart Plug anytime, anywhere with your mobile using the TUYA SMART app
2. Schedule & Timer Function - Schedule your Smart Plug to turn on and off on their own and/or set time before the application automatically turns OFF
3. Voice Control - Use voice command as TUYA Smart App works with Google, Alexa and Siri 4. Device Sharing - This function permits other TUYA user accounts to access existing smart devices of the main account. However, access is limitedto basic functions only.
5. Group Control - Group you Smart Plugs and control based on your need
6. No hub required
Important Reminders: 1. Read the manual (that comes with the product) and safety instructions before installation
2. Install and use the product strictly according to instructions
3. DO NOT USE on extension cord or adapter. PLUG ON WALL OUTLET DIRECTLY
4. DO NOT ATTEMPT to plug extension cords or use multiple adapters on this device to avoid circuit overloading
5. NOT SUITABLE for window or split type aircon use
6. This device can only control the input and output of electricity to the plugged appliance and not thesettings of the appliance (ie. Turn down and up volume of TV). Appliance should always be on the ON state in order for the device to function accordingly.
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