FELCO eGift Card FAQs

  • How to order a FELCO eGift Card? 
      • Go to the search tab and type FELCO eGift Card or click on the FELCO eGift Card banner. 
      • Select your prefered denomination and quantity.
      • Proceed to checkout and complete the required details.
      • Pay the ordered GC through the available payment methods (NOT APPLICABLE  for COD).
      • Once the order  transaction has been confirmed,  the FELCO eGift Card will automatically be emailed to the customer’s saved email address in the FELCO Store account profile. 
    • Note:  Should you wish to send FELCO eGift Card to others,  just forward the FELCO eGift card to the intended recipient’s email address 


  • What items can I order using the FELCO eGift Card?
    • All products available in the FELCO Store are covered by the FELCO eGift Card.


  • Does the FELCO eGift Card have an expiration date?
    • The FELCO eGift Card does not have an expiry date.  You may consume the entire FELCO eGift Card based on your preference.  Any excess amount shall be covered by the customer and should be paid via the available payment options in the website. 


  • Is the FELCO eGift Card transferable? 
    • Yes, the FELCO eGift Card is transferable.  If you wish to transfer it to another recipient, simply forward the FELCO eGift Card via email.
    • Note:  Customers should be careful about sharing this information.


  • Is the shipping fee covered by the FELCO eGift Card?
    • Yes, shipping fee may be covered, but the product cost will be covered first, then the balance (if any) will then be applied to the shipping fee.


  • What will happen if there is still balance left from my FELCO eGift Card? 
    • Customers can still use the balance of the FELCO eGift Card until the amount is fully exhausted. 


  • The total order exceeded the FELCO eGift Card amount, how do I pay for the balance? 
    • If the amount ordered exceeds the FELCO eGift Card value, the customer can  pay the balance via the available payment options in the website for the transaction to proceed.


  • What if I didn’t receive my FELCO eGift Card upon ordering?
    • In the unlikely event that this happens, kindly contact our customer hotline 8789 - 1000 or email info@fireflyelectric.com for concerns.  After the concern has been assessed, we will get in touch with you on the next steps. 


    Safety & Protection of Ordering the FELCO eGift Card

    The FELCO eGift Card contains a unique voucher code that only the buying customer has access to.  Hence, we highly recommend that the customer exercise utmost safety in disclosing and sharing this code to others.  FELCO Store will not be responsible for the loss or misuse of the FELCO eGift Card. 



    • The FELCO eGift Card comes in the form of a voucher code that can be used upon checkout at the FELCO Store (www.felcostore.ph).
    • Multiple FELCO eGift Cards can be applied in one transaction.
    • The FELCO eGift Card may be used to cover both the cost of the item purchased and the shipping fee.   Any excess amount shall be shouldered by the customer and paid via the available payment options in the website. 
    • If the transaction value is less than the FELCO eGift Card amount, the remaining balance will still be valid and can be used in the next purchase.
    • The FELCO eGift Card is transferable, but cannot be convertible to cash, exchanged, voided and refunded by the customer.  The responsibility for safe transfer and use lies with the customer. 
    • The FELCO eGift Card can only be used in the following serviceable areas of the FELCO Store:  Metro Manila, Antipolo, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite and Laguna 
    • The FELCO eGift Card is subject to other terms and/or conditions of the FELCO Store